Resort Amenities
Immerse yourself in the essence of Curacao's finest living. Discover tranquility by the crystal-clear Caribbean shores. Unwind on the sprawling beach under the soothing sway of palm trees. Conquer our captivating golf course. Luxuriate in top-notch accommodations. Delight your taste buds in our exquisite dining havens. Dive, tennis, hike, paddle, groove to beachside concerts—or simply savor the art of doing nothing, all while soaking in the panoramic vistas. In this secure and flawlessly tended haven, each day is a passage to paradise.
A tropical beach with palm trees next to blue seawater
A gorgeous, 150-meter-long tropical beach
Indulge in the epitome of beach perfection at Blue Bay Beach, where an unforgettable experience awaits. Step onto the breathtaking expanse of our wide sandy beach, where azure waters beckon and palm trees sway in the gentle breeze. This is the idyllic paradise you've been dreaming of on Curaçao. Blue Bay Beach is not only recognized as one of the most stunning beaches on the island, but it also offers an array of convenient amenities that will enhance your seaside escape. And that's not all! When you book your stay through us, you will always receive free access to the beach. So, in addition to enjoying the exquisite surroundings and facilities, you also have the opportunity to unwind on the expansive shores of Blue Bay Beach without any additional cost.
Restaurant Brass Boer
Embrace fun dining, with good food, great wines and careless enjoyment: that is what we stand for. With pride and joy, we welcome you in our beach restaurant Brass Boer Curaçao. We hold this island close to our heart and with this restaurant another long-held dream has come true! At Brass Boer Curaçao our chef Andreas Péter, restaurant manager Jan Willem Berendsen and the entire team are ready to give you a beautiful brass-experience. Embrace fun dining, with good food, great wines and careless enjoyment: that is where we stand for. Sit back and enjoy! JONNIE & THÉRÈSE BOER
A round table and chairs by a couch next to the sea
A lush golf course by the ocean
Golf Special
Visually, Blue Bay’s golf course is an attraction in itself. Designer William ‘Rocky’ Roquemore has made perfect use of the natural height differences, sand, sea and rocks, and the result is a joy to behold. Above all, however, these 18 holes are a joy to play. They offer a surprising challenge to players of every level. Many have learned to play golf here, and have become addicted to this course. More experienced players (and often international pros) happily find their way to the attractive and fun tournaments. View our golf calendar for upcoming events. Blue Bay Golf invites you to experience golf in a unique setting full of natural beauty, character and fun!
Blue Bay Beach Restaurant Coast
A breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a relaxed atmosphere right on the beach and beautiful views of the blue bay. Wake up with a coffee or fresh orange juice and a croissant, omelet, or granola bowl. Overlooking the blue bay with your feet in the sand. For lunch, you can enjoy various kinds of pasta and salads or a delicious burger, taco, or bowl. Come here for example for your business lunch or with a friend in a relaxed setting. With the sunset as a great view, you can end your evening with a steak from the grill or fresh fish. The local staff will take you through a real Curaçao evening. Family occasions and large groups can also come here for a great day or evening.
Dining room in a thatch enclosure on a tropical beach
A few tables of people dining on a wooden terrace
Restaurant Lemongrass
Welcome to our restaurant right at the heart of Blue Bay Curaçao. Indulge yourself with a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, while enjoying the beautiful view of the golf course of Blue Bay Curacao. Lemongrass Bistro is situated in the heart of the resort, in the centuries-old plantation house. This is the place to meet up, have a drink and start your golfing adventure. The cozy terrace with its gorgeous view will immediately set the right mood. Of course, the clubhouse also acts as the ‘19th hole’, where you can catch your breath with a refreshment. Enjoy lunch & dinner! You can always enjoy good food at Lemongrass!
Blend Beach Bar
Beach bites, smoothies & cocktails. Served right at your beach bed. Blend Beach Bar is the ‘heart and soul of the beach’ and the perfect place to visit while enjoying your day at Blue Bay. Start your day with a cup of coffee or enjoy a variety of fresh fruit smoothies or cocktails. Feeling hungry? We offer a wide range of snacks and we also have a pizza bar with the most delicious pizzas. All these delights can be served right at your beach bed by our friendly bar staff. Blend is the place to meet up, chill and enjoy great music all week long and especially at the weekly Happy Hour on Friday's.
A thatch enclosure on a sandy beach next to a blue bay
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